....Welcome to my silly website ☆〜〜!

Hai. I am Kiko キコ Aka Sillyバカな Aka Puddingプリン and More~🍮🐛🥪🐞👒

I am Japanese ! And learning the language. I am fluent in English though _(:3」z)_

Im Autistic (Very Pawsome) And are diagnosed with things like adhd and Anxiety blah blah Blah. Which causes me to think and act differently. . . Please be patient wit Me. ( ; ; )

I like to do art, and study things like Plants and insects. And animals in general! I listen to Lots of music artists such as Duster, Serani poji, Alex G, My bloody valentine, Perfume, Aphex twin, tally hall, Mitski, Of montreal, Melanie Martinez, Lamp, deftones, Mac demarco, Etc. Etc. ♪

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